Team Winnings

Regular Season: Justin Parker (1st place) $156.50, Ryan Woods (2nd place) $78.30, Ryan Corn (3rd place) $26.10. Post Season: Ryan Reynolds (1st place) $208.80, Reggie Truitt (2nd place) $52.20. Thanks for all of you who made it a great season. See you next year! Check the board and site throughout the off season for news and upcoming important dates.

II Bowl I Champion 0!nkp!g$

The 0!nkp!g$ finished the IIFFL season off with a 105.93 to 73.81 victory over Robintucky Raiders to take the first official championship of the IIFFL.

II Bowl I

II Bowl I is upon us with the blowout win by Robintucky Raiders over Running Mad and the 0!nkp!g$ close victory over Barbie Boppers in round two of the IIFFL playoffs. This sets the stage for the very first II Bowl between the number five seed Robintucky Raiders, against the number six seed 0!nkp!g$. Kickoff for II Bowl I is set for Friday, December 24 when Minnesota hosts Green Bay.

Regular Season Over

The inaugural IIFFL regular season has come to an end. The Cosby Sweaters have finished in first place with a 11-2-0 record. The playoffs start this week with the top eight teams from the regular season. As of this writing, The Cosby Sweaters have won at least 152.10 with his first place finish. Mr. Natalie Portman stands to take home at least $76.05 for this second place finish, finally, Turd Fergusson wins at least $25.35 for his third place finish. Those numbers will grow some with free agency moves during the playoffs. another $250+ is up for grabs in the playoffs.

Regular Seasons Final Week

The league is about to see the close of the 2004 regular season. This week thirteen is our final week before entering the post season. The top eight teams at the end of this final week will move on to the three round playoffs. A lot of close races to get into those final few open spots, and one big race to the top. This week we'll see the rematch of the week two matchups. In week two, now number one Mr. Natalie Portman defeated now number two The Cosby Sweaters. The winner in the week thirteen matchup will be the 2004 IIFFL regular season champion. If The Cosby Sweaters win, both teams will have the same record, but The Cosby Sweaters will have more total points.

Pot Tops $500

With the addition of Larry Croom to the 0!nkp!g$, the total pot has reached $500! Even better news, it's still growing.